Every bride wants to cherish her wedding day, but for some, the day is fraught with worries. Besides the nervous anticipation that precedes the big day, there are infinite details to attend to, starting at the moment you wake up, from the delivery of your bouquet to the appearance of unexpected guests.

We are there for you from the beginning of the wedding day until the end. We will calmly take care of all the detailed scheduling, deliveries, logistics, work crew, guests and general troubleshooting so that you and your family can fully relax and enjoy every minute of the day without any worries. Last minute changes or sudden unforeseen crises are discreetly taken care of while your day unfolds effortlessly.

We offer our ‘On the Day’ service in conjunction with the planning services only. Our pricing is based on the number of guests and the hours required. Please contact us for a quotation.